I has a bored

Today has not been the most productive of days. Although I did come up with a nice piece of alliteration “I find your fascination with fluids funny!”
There’s something almost dirty about the word “fluids”. Or maybe it’s just me. It makes me think of bodily functions (some fun, others less fun).

Apparently my disdain for Nickleback is not universally shared. I’m appalled by this. So much so I’m going to devote a whole entry about them in the future.

In the meantime, here’s what my day has been like:

It’s scary how many of these I’ve thought. To be fair, I haven’t thought about setting the building on fire… mostly because that would take a fair bit of effort, and if I went to the effort of setting the building on fire I could go to the effort of doing, oh, anything else really.

Also, rather than thinking about where I’d hide if a coworker went on a killing spree, I have thought about (in great detail) who that person going on the killing spree would be. (not me! Again, planning = effort = counterproductive to my lazy nature). It turned out to be the HR/Accounts guy at the time.

Well, I’ve killed off a sufficient amount of time, and now I get to go to the pub. Woo!


Ps: I feel like I need to come up with some sort of witty sign off for this blog. Except I’m not exceptionally witty. Someone else come up with something for me?

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