Some silly things have been happening in my guild and raid team at the moment that have been making me pretty angry. So to run away from those problems, and because I was inspired by Zeirah’s wonderful WoW posts, I decided to make myself a Horde character. 

To be honest, Horde characters don’t appeal to me all that much. Other than blood elves and now pandaren, they’re all a bit… not nice looking. I’ve done the pandaren starting area about 5 times now, so wasn’t keen to do it again, so decided to make a blood elf. Meet Snowfury (all of my Alliance toons start with Cinder, all my Horde start with Snow – it’s a thing 🙂 ) 


I have one of almost all class, though only 4 are maxed to 90. I did have a gnome warlock but deleted her to make Snowfury. 

Straight off the bat, the blood elf starting area is pretty boring. (I’ve done it a few times – it’s been boring every time!) But I pushed through. When I was able to, I decided to queue for dungeons. I’ve never levelled doing dungeons, and honestly hadn’t even seen the classics, so this was actually pretty fun. And a much faster way to level, too (at this low level anyway). 

Here’s Snowfury when she got to level 20 – on her way to Hillsbrad Foothills.


I’m not a fan of the “sucubus” minion. She’s a bit of a slut to be honest. One of her spells is to run around and seduce enemies so they don’t hit me so much. And her whipping herself and going “ooh!” all the time is reeeaaallly annoying. 

At Hillsbrad Foothills I got to do one of the best quests I’ve done in this game by far. I had to pretend I was a quest giver and give our quests to “champions”. It was hilarious. You can tell the devs had a fun time with it. The third champion I had to give a quest to was called “Johnny Awesome”, a male blood elf. He rode up on his sparkly horse looking all buff and superior. Here’s his dialogue for it. The first part happens as he arrives, the second after I’ve given him his quest. 


Anyway, she’s at level 27 now. I only play her for a little awhile every now and again, but I like her. Warlocks don’t do a lot for me but I love their utilities- healthstones, soulstones, the portal thingies they have. So we’ll see how I go. At least it’s a nice way to see some of the Horde world. 

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