We killed the heroic chicken!!!

We killed the heroic chicken!!!

It was pretty amazing. We spent probably 3- 31/2 hours getting him down (just over an hour Saturday and 2 and a bit today). The shot up the top shows what condition we were in when he died. Despite my almost 0 health in that shot and the incoming cheep on me, I actually managed to survive in the end (small miracle). You can also see the almost 0 mana I had. Even when he was down to 2% we were worried we wouldn’t get him. (well, I was worried) But get him we did! I was super lucky too and used a bonus roll and got myself a helm from him. After this weekend’s raid my ilvl is sitting at a pretty 522.

It was really great fun, though, and worth the effort. 🙂

Oh, in the chat you can see someone made a “Suck it team cupcake” – Our team is usually in the top 3 for the realm. However things have been going a bit downhill lately for a number of reasons. Anyway, another team formed on the server in the middle of the last tier called team cupcakes, and they started beating us, much to our displeasure. Getting this kill today bumped us back to being ranked 4th on the server and higher than team cupcakes. It was good motivation. 🙂

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