Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy, in case you hadn’t heard. How dare she remove those ticking time bombs from her chest, amiright? Like, hasn’t she learned by now that her body is public domain and we all get to vote on what she does with it? Sheesh, how selfish can ya get.

This is amazing.

I am honestly shocked at the backlash that’s come from these events. To say it’s a “waste of boobs” is so insensitive and to put it plainly, disrespectful. Angelina Jolie’s boobs do not belong to anyone else but herself. Moreover, if, knowing she had a very high risk of getting breast cancer, she didn’t have the surgery and then did get breast cancer, she would be crucified for being vain, selfish and inconsiderate for choosing her looks over her health and well being. 

She had an 87% chance of developing breast cancer by not having this surgery. Anyone who says it’s a waste of boobs is 100% an asshole. 


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