Here’s an announcement

I have made a decision. It’s pretty important to me, which is why I’m announcing it on here. 

So given most of the people who follow me don’t know me, you should know  some things about me. Writing was always my first love. I would write all the time – I started my first journal on my 12th birthday and have had some sort of journal ever since. I won competitions and wrote lyrics to a song that got recorded and performed in front of heaps of people. I wrote poetry that I read at my high school graduation, and with my writing I got accepted in to a university degree that only took in 20 people each year. I was good. I was complemented by actual authors on my writing (one of my favourite moments was getting full marks on a series of poems written in response to a book. Next to the marks he had written “These are some of the BEST poems I have ever read.” I still have the marked assignment.) While at uni I wrote a novella that I have been wanting to turn in to something more for the longest time. 

But as happens all too often, real life gets in the way. When uni finished I had to get a real job. Working takes up so much of your life. And I was always so very good at having jobs that were a drain, so by the time I came home all I wanted to do was sit in front of the couch and zone out in front of the tv. A few times I tried writing again, but failed miserably. 

And now I’ve lost confidence.

That I have stopped writing and haven’t finished writing something worthwhile or substantial is a regret I don’t want to have at the end of my life. But I’m rusty. I don’t write for myself as often as I should. So I’m doing something about it!

As you will have noticed from my tumblr, I’m a World of Warcraft player addict. It’s time consuming, but I love it. My unease over my lack of writing has been leading me to ask myself whether or not I should continue to play. Then my genius boyfriend made the obvious point – write about WoW. So I’m going to. I’m going to create a site for all the newbies out there who are just starting to play – those who have barely heard of World of Warcraft, who don’t even know where to begin. I’m going to start a new account and create guides on everything from creating a Blizzard account to choosing a realm, a race, a class – everything!

It’s not going to be creative, but it is going to get me writing on a regular basis, which is what I need. And hopefully it will help out a few people in the process. So keep an eye out for it. I’ll post on here when I’ve launched it. 

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