Zeirah did a great post recently about her UI (User Interface) so thought I’d share mine.

My UI is pretty much the same for all of my toons no matter what spec – only difference being that my healers have Grid in the middle. I don’t think many people use it, but I really like Grid – very straight forward. In this screen shot you can see I’ve got beacon of light on a DK, and eternal flame on the warrior, all shown with little icons. Helps me track who’s got what.

My key binds – the two rows at the bottom are things I use throughout the fight, with 1, 2 3 being most commonly used (I click heal on grid so for the most part these don’t get used too much). My “Hands” are all keybound on F keys and are macroed to work on hover, which is great for an emergancy BOP or lay on hands. The block of icons in the middle are my “oh shit” spells. So all my 3 min cooldowns, mana regen in there next to my grid for quick and easy access.

Skada is on the left – have only just switched but liking it so far. Quick marks is in there, and the brown window is Omen to keep track of threat gen (sometimes a real pain for healers!) Having a few issues with DBM clashing with my buff timer bar – will need to sort that out.

I like my set up though. It works well for me, and because it’s the same on all my toons I don’t feel like I have to relearn anything when I switch. (e.g. 5 is always an interrupt, mouse binds are also speed increases etc).

Anyway, that’s it 🙂 This shot was taken mid-raid in one of our many (many MANY) heroic Horridon attempts today. Man I hate that dinosaur.

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