Seville – Spain

I’m cleaning off my memory card in anticipation for my trip tomorrow and found my pics from Seville. This was always one of my favourites. Clearly edited a fair bit, however the rain on the lens and the reflection of it, as well as the general colour of everything – that’s all real. It was late and night and there was a constant drizzle. The light from the cathedral nearby bathed everything in the eerie yellow light you can see here, I just dropped the colour a fraction more to exaggerate it and put a slight texture on it. Best of all, there was hardly anyone around so I managed to get the shot without people. (I hate people in pictures unless it’s actually pictures of people.. thats’s an entry for another day though 🙂 )

Anyway, I always really liked this shot. It’s very flawed and probably only suited to my taste, but I just love it. It reminds me of the old feel that whole city managed to give me when I was there. Truly loved Seville and can’t wait to go back. 


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