So the lovely Z posted about Alt Appreciation week that she saw on World of Lae’s blog. I thought it was an awesome idea so here I am! Week 1 is Death Knight.

My DK actually has a bit of history. I made her back in Cata, before I ever started raiding. At the time my bf’s guild were looking at needing a new tank in future, so I decided to create a death knight tank. Back then she was a gnome and her name was Spankerella (back then my toon’s names ended with “ella”). She was short and spunky.

She was the third toon I got to max level in Cata (after my mage and my pally). And I tried out tanking for awhile… I wasn’t very good at it. I actually enjoyed it, but wow there’s a lot of pressure! I thought healing was a thankless role! And people can be really mean. So she basically dinged and a week or so later I kind of abandoned her (so mean!).

Skip forward to MoP. She was the 4th toon I got to 90, and once again because a raiding team needed a tank (my own this time). Whilst I had a monk already at 90, I didn’t like the tanking style so much so I levelled my DK again. It was during this time I changed her to Draenei and named her Cindecay (Cind cos all my toons start with Cind, and decay because of the death stuff, but also decay sounds like DK – Thor came up with it and I love it).

Levelling her is always fun – I enjoy it a lot actually. She’s strong and sounds funny and can pull a whole bunch of adds in one go. Loads of fun. But even before I got to 90 I knew I wasn’t going to tank with her. I just get too nervous being the centre of attention. So once again she kinda sits back.

I’m slowly levelling engineering on her so that I can make the new mount coming out in 5.4.  And she’s got mining as her other profession though that hasn’t gotten anywhere. Poor thing. I love how she looks. She’s got the whole death thing going on with the eyes, but she’s also a bit sexy… I like that about her – that she could lure bosses to her thinking she’s this hot chick and them BAM! she kills ‘em. 😀

Anyway, that’s Cindecay. I’m disappointed I don’t like playing a DK more, cos I really like her. But for the time being she’ll just grow mats for my other toons.

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