Haunted Sunsong Ranch

My ranch is haunted!!

My shammy got exalted with the tillers yesterday and best friends with Tina Mudclaw – so now Sunsong Ranch is mine! (I love being bound there – just sitting in the door frame looking at that beautiful view is so peaceful!)

However, I noticed a strange thing yesterday morning – there was a little black spirit guy at the door of the ranch. The first time I put it down to a phasing bug – it happens sometimes, I’ll be planting away when a random lock pet will appear for a moment or two, or a random spell effect will appear on the ground. So I thought maybe it was just that. The second time I saw it (later yesterday) I was a bit freaked out, but thought maybe it was just a coincidence… phasing issues again (even though he was in EXACTLY THE SAME spot as earlier in the day).

Today I have woken up… and he’s still there. So I can only assume he’s haunting my ranch. I have logged out dozens of times since first seeing him (long story there I’ll explain in a future entry). It creeps me out! I don’t like it! He’s totally ruining my view!

I think he’s the reason my poor Shammy never gets any gear. 😦 If so, an exorcism is in order!

But seriously, anyone have any ideas where he’s come from and why he won’t leave? I’ve not had this on any of my other toons; I don’t have any pets out that it could be associated with; and don’t seem to be on any quests that would warrant a ghosty dude following my around. Halp!

EDIT: So I just noticed that IT FACES ME WHEREVER I GO! *cries*

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