My first legendary

My very first legendary

[spoilers for those who haven’t done this yet and want a surprise – don’t look at the pics!]

Last night I got my very first legendary item in World of Warcraft. It’s been a long time coming – 6 months for my pally here. I’m really stoked. When I knew this legendary quest line was open to more people I was adamant from the start that I would get it. And last night I did. 

These pics are from the scene where Lorewalker Cho tells me “My Story” – it’s now part of Pandaria history. It’s pretty incredible, and makes you feel important (well, I felt special). 

Now I’m most excited to try out my new cloak! It’s pretty cool. It procs:

Spirit of Chi-Ji: Your helpful spells have a chance to grant you Spirit of Chi-Ji, increasing all healing done by 5% and causing all overhealing on players to be redistributed to up to 5 nearby injured friends, for 10 sec. (Approximately 0.58 procs per minute)

So you know, not half bad.

The other awesome thing is that you’re not limited to only have one – so I went ahead about bought the cloak for my dps set, too. 

My mage is next to get her cloak (she started the legendary quest line right at the start – so if anyone deserves it, it’s her! However I’m raiding on my pally on Sunday so… priorities, you know? She just needs to get another 2000 coins on the timeless isle and she’s done, so not long)

The other awesome thing about getting the cloak is that you have access to Ordos. The trouble with being on a pvp server is that the Horde like to make life difficult and gank you while you’re trying to kill world bosses. Thankfully a fellow guildie had managed to get in to a group, so I made a mad dash from the Vale in the hopes that I could get there in time. Luckily, I did. And even more luckily, I GOT LOOT! I almost cried. I got a chest piece that is best in slot until heroics, so I’m very pleased.

Overall it was a very rewarding evening. 🙂 Yay for 5.4! 😀

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