What the WoW fox say?

During the great Friday the 13th hot"fix" death of all instances, my boyfriend got a little bored. He placed the following in game support ticket:

I have a question. What the fox say?

This was the response from a WoW GM:


I am Game Master Flangarinoth and I’ll be taking care of your ticket. Thank you for contacting me regarding the fox, and what it might say. This is quite an elusive mystery, is it not? 

In order to answer properly, I must first establish my creditibility in what the animals say. For example: 

Lost Dog in Valley of the Four Winds goes “woof”. 
Black Tabby Cat in Hillsbrad goes “meow" 
Carrion Bird in Uldum goes "tweet" 
And Prairie Mouse in Kun-Lai Summit foes "squeek" 
Mottled Cow in Vale of Eternal Blossoms goes "moo" 
Forest Frog in Zul’Aman goes "croak" 
Bull Elekk in Nagrand goes "toot" 
Jade Crane say "quack" 
School of Fish in Darkshore go "blub" 
Lion Seal in Howling Fhord goes "ow ow ow" 

Bur there’s one sound 
That no Game Master knows 
What does the Apline Foxling in Townlong Steppes say? 

What the Baradin Fox in Tol Barad Peninsula say? 

What the Corsac Fox in the Wandering Isle say? 

What the Redridge Fox in Redridge Mountains say? 

What the Whitetail Fox in Western Plaguelands say? 

Sadly, I cannot say for certain, as that knowledge is reserved for only the greatest warriors in all of Azeroth. Perhaps someday you will discover this knowledge on your own, after perilous adventures. Only time will tell! 

Best wishes, 

Game Master Flangarinoth 
Customer Services 
Blizzard Entertainment 


Love it!

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