Kun-lai visits

Today I came across an amazing guide to In-Game Memorials in WoW on WoWHead. As the title suggests, it goes through all of the memorial sites in game that are dedicated to others. Some of them I have seen before (I still remember the quest line for Brad Bridenbecker). 

One of them I came across that I thought was very sweet was for Lonesome George. (Check it out here) He’s a little flying tortoise called Lon’li Guju in far north of Kun-Lai Summit. So off I went with my mage to pay him a visit.

He is ADORABLE!!! He’s just happily flying around the place and generally being all adorable and stuff. But if you do an emote to him (I did /love) he will come flying over to you at full speed to come hang out with you. He’ll even follow you on a mount! We had some fun flying around the little cliffs in this area. 

If you’ve got the time, I really encourage you to go pay Lon’li Guju a visit – might bring a smile to your face 🙂

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