Guess who’s back?

Well our internet finally got connected. I must admit, the wait was worth it. We’ve been really lucky and have NBN (fastest internet you can get in Australia – which, to be fair, isn’t as fast as countries, I am aware!). So things are quite speedy.

So I’m back on WoW! Except some drama is going on and a whole bunch of the servers have died and none of us can get on. Ah well.

I figured I’d jump on here with an update on my plans. I’ve decided to change what I’m doing here on tumblr. Basically this tumblr will be mostly WoW (but sometimes other things). I’ll be renaming it (no idea what to yet – feel free to there some suggestions my way!) 

I’ll also be creating a second tumblr that will focus on writing. The idea is that I’d like it to be a source of inspiration for myself so that if I’m hitting a writing block, I can get the extra push I need. (And if it inspires/encourages some other people at the same time, even better!) Eventually I might post some of my stuff on there, but we’ll see how that pans out. 

I need some names for things – once I’ve figured that out I’ll set everything up and let you all know what’s going on. 

So that’s things! 🙂

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