What a long, strange trip it’s been

I’ve been seriously working on this for awhile now. Not as long as others – only a year (probably around when the Midsummer festival was on last year). It was around then that I realised I only had a few bits and pieces to go before I would have this achievement. So I worked my butt off on it. And it really has been an insane journey. Mostly because I don’t pvp, so any achievements (like the Children’s Week achievements) that require pvp drive me up the wall. I suck at it. But I persevered. 

The Warsong Gulch part of the Children’s Week achievement was the hardest for me. I had misread what I needed to do and had done about 5 runs trying to capture a flag. Eventually I did. My heart was pounding, my hands shaking, thinking “this is it! I’m going to get it!” The flag capped…. and nothing happened (other than getting the Capture the Flag achievement). You should have heard me swearing. My orphan was out, I brought the flag to where it needed to go – I’d done it! So where was my achievement? Of course, to get the achievement I needed, I actually had to click on a flag that had been dropped by the enemy…. so back I went a few more times. 

PvP disheartens me. I’m quite bad at it, and because I have no pvp gear, I’m either yelled at by fellow team members for being a noob, or am constantly targeted by the enemy as an easy target. I was getting increasingly disheartened as every time I came close to the enemy with the flag, I’d get pounded on by the enemy and die before I even got a chance to hit on the target. I whinged in the instance chat that I was never going to get it. The enemy grabbed our flag again, though, and I dutifully chased him down. This time there was a group of us all together trying to get this guy down. It was intense – he kept self healing and stunning and I nearly died. And then all of a sudden he died, and the flag was dropped. I clicked my little heart out (not really knowing where to click anyway) and then it happened:

All my achievements popped up at once, AND we won the BG. I was jumping up and down in my seat, screaming as quietly as possible so as not to wake up my bf. I was thrilled. 

Here I am on my beautiful new violet pro to-drake:

I think I might have this as my desktop wallpaper for awhile. 🙂

It was all hard work, but I got it in the end, and I’m stoked. 

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