Aohili’s 100 follower give away

So, Recently I’ve just hit 100 followers.. which I never expected, So here’s a little art give away. One alliance character will win. One horde character will win! Non-pandaren will be given the traditional symbols unless asked otherwise. I just prefer the look of the pandaren ones.

Rules – 

  • Gotta be following me, you can follow me then and reblog if you wanna, i’ll be checking!
  • One alliance winner, One horde winner.
  • World of Warcraft characters only! sorry, i just don’t feel comfortable drawing non-wow races.. especially on a wow banner haha
  • Reblog only once, Likes don’t count!
  • This giveaway will end in a week, on the 11th of may , 2014~!
  • you pick the pose.
  • A message will be dropped in your inbox! make sure to have your inbox open!
  • Please link the character when you reblog this, so I know if your horde or alliance!
  • is going to be used to pick the winners~

Ooooh I’d love to see my Horde Shaman drawn! 


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