Aww yeah Aeonaxx!!

I only found out about the Phosphorescent Stone Drake mount last night – a drop from the super rare Aeonaxx in Deepholm (someone in guild said Cata’s equivalent of the Time Lost Proto-Drake). 

I flew around for about 10 minutes last night on the off chance he’d spawn, but of course no such luck. I ran Stonecore instead in the hopes of getting getting the Vitreous Stone Drake (no luck there either). 

Today I was working from home, fighting off a cough and cold. I was an hour from finishing when I figured I could easily leave my shammy logged in to camp Aeonaxx and keep working at the same time. So I logged her in and sat her out from of the Stonecore entrance and got back to work. 

Work was done, and still no Aeonaxx. I wasn’t trying hard – I knew he was rare. So I went in to Stonecore again to farm the drake again. After my first run (and getting nothing) I came out to reset the instance. And NPC Scan went off. Aeonaxx had spawned almost directly in front of me! I panicked and flew around trying to get aggro before my bf pointed out the green arrow – I needed to mount it to kill it. So I did. Down he went. I killed him pretty high up, so it took awhile for his body to drop. It took much longer for me to parachute down to his body! I was terrified he would despawn with the loot. 

By the time I landed at his body, two other players had come along to attempt the kill – an Alliance Pally and a fellow Horde Druid. the Pally was pissed. I had only just managed to loot the corpse before he starting attacking me. I was shaking way too hard to retaliate. I couldn’t help laughing, though (I’m a horrible bitch like that!). People camp this guys for hours/days/weeks at a time. He would have hated me more if he knew I’d camped it for a whole of an hour. 

The Druid, on the other hand, helped me out and killed the pally for me. Gave me enough time to learn the mount and mount it in front of the pally. He spat on me and said all manner of obscenities that I couldn’t understand. The druid congratulated me and we went our separate ways. 

I’m still in shock. I’ve been really lucky and have managed to get rare mounts before (Ashes of A’lar, Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent) but this one took me completely by surprise. 

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