I have rage-quit 2 LFRs this week out of sheer frustration of inconsiderate people. (As a side note – LFR is the only raiding option available to me at the moment, given I am not in a raid team, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be there!). 

The first LFR was on the weekend, going in to Gates of Retribution. As we’re starting the Galakras trash the paladin tank says “Just a heads up – I’ve not been in here before, so any advice is appreciated.” A few people groaned (including myself TO myself) and a few people went so far as to start saying already to “kick the noob”. The pally went on to say that he’d taken a break from WoW after WoTLK, that he was a fast learner so we’d be right. We wiped 4 times on Galakras, and not a single wipe was due to the pally tank. In fact, he was pretty awesome, and you could tell he’d tanking in the past. Without being told, he had the sense to turn the drakes away from the group etc. Just the little things that a decent tank will do that shows he knows how to be a tank. 

We head off to Iron Juggernaut, and again he asks for some advice. No-one gave him any, so I whispered him that when he’s not tanking, to not stand in front of the boss so his stacks drop properly. He said thanks. We went on to one shot the boss. 

Then we head over to Kor’kron Dark Shamans. There were a few wipes in the trash as the tanks were trying to tank things together that needed to be separated. Again, the pally mentioned he hadn’t been there before, so if anyone could tell him things then all would be good. Again, no-one said anything (to be fair, he could have gotten whispers, but given this group, I doubt it.) The first boss wipe happened because both tanks went in and started tanking the boss inside the building, rather than having them reset and brought out. The second wipe happened because the pally tank was near the doorway when the bosses respawned. That was the final straw for the jerks of the group, who went on to swear quite profusely at the pally, calling him all manner of names and telling him to “f**k off”. He said “I said at the start that I hadn’t been in here before. How was I supposed to know that this is where they would respawn? They were in the other room before!” to which people did not pay any attention to. I chimed in at this point and said “Guys, knock it off. He said at the start he hadn’t been in here before. He has been perfectly fine tanking us through this so far – cut him some slack.” Then the vote-to-kick window popped up. I smashed the “no” button as soon as I could and was in the middle of typing out another rant when the vote was approved, and the guy was kicked. I cracked it, saying “you’re a bunch of dickheads. He was doing fine, you didn’t have to kick him, you absolute morons.” and then I left the instance. (It’s worth pointing out that I was carrying the heals throughout all of the fights so far, so they were pretty stuffed unless they got a decent replacement). 

I just couldn’t approve of the behaviour of kicking people who are just giving it a go. And this guy was awesome. He was doing so well. I felt so bad for him – I imagined him sitting there being keen to get back in to playing the game, only to be surrounded by rude morons who think they are so much better than everyone that they feel they can talk to others like they’re trash, and kick them for making a simple mistake. The other issue I had here was that I’m pretty sure the other tank had no idea what they were doing, either, but never bothered to say anything. He made the same mistakes as the pally at Shamans. But it was the pally who was honest who got kicked, and the guy doing the same thing was left alone. 


The second rage quite was last night. Again in Gates of Retribution on the Galakras fight. Again, I’m carrying the heals, and healing my butt off through dps that stand in fire/poison smoke/skull cracker and tanks that don’t turn fire breathing drakes away. It’s fine, I’m used to that. But we wiped because one of the NPCs died as a result of no-one stopping any of the Bonecrushers from doing their Fracture ability. As the raid is resetting, people are whinging that we have to do it again. Someone had said “the healers need to heal the NPCs” to which I replied “we can’t – they have millions of health. It’s a waste of time and heals. The Bonecrushers just need to be stunned so the NPCs don’t get hit”. Someone else did ^ to what I was saying. By this point the fight is just starting again when a smart assed DPS shaman chips in with “Actually, you can heal them. I can crit heal almost a million on my shaman”. I cracked it and said “Then you fucking heal” and left the group in the middle of the fight. 

I know it’s a bit immature, but I’m really sick of the attitude that dps can just tunnel and do whatever they want, and it’s up to the healers to deal with all of the mechanics. I’m sick of the attitude that “I’m fucking amazing and all you peons are crap”. 

My reactions were a bit over the top, I know this. But I’m just so very done with the attitude of so many players. Sometimes you can get amazing groups (rare as they are) that make LFR tolerable. But most of the time it’s full of people who are just plain rude and think everything they do is perfect and everyone else is a useless noob. I’m particularly tired of dps who just tunnel the boss and ignore all other mechanics and get pissy when people pick them up on it, or we wipe as a result. I mean, why are you in there, then? Why are you even playing the game if you don’t actually enjoy playing it and want to play it the way it’s supposed to be? (I know the answer – they want their loot – but I have to ask, what the hell is the loot for??)

Anyway, that’s my giant rant. I’ll be staying away from LFR for awhile. Maybe one of these days I’ll come across a Flex group that’s not looking for a minimum ilvl of 560 and I might get a chance to play with some people that aren’t giant jerks. But I’m not holding my breath. 

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