Raiding again

blah! Tumblr ate my post. Now I have to try to remember what I said!

A couple of weeks ago I applied to a guild on my server. As my gear was too low for current tier, I was looking to join for Warlords of Draenor. They invited me to the guild and I’ve been hanging out there casually for almost 2 weeks. 

Cut to last night. I’m cursing my way through proving grounds (finally got to gold on my shaman – one shot it all on my holy pally, but shaman has been a nightmare for me) when there’s a message in guild chat for raiders to get in to mumble. That always gets me nervous – out of raid chats usually mean something bad. Not being a raider I just got on with what I was doing. Then a whole bunch of people logged off. I thought “this is it – no more raid team. And I didn’t even get to raid with them in WoD”. Sure enough, shortly after I get a whisper from one of the offers “Hey man”. Ah crap, I’m thinking this is it. 

Officer: “hey man”
Me: “hiya”
Officer: “so just wondering if you’re free to raid tonight?”
Officer: “actually I mean are you right to join the core raid team for current tier?”
Me: “sure!”
Officer: “great. See you tonight”
Me: “oki doki”

Not at all how I thought things were going to go. But yay!

These guys are on heroics, but have had a couple of people leave due to boredom (which baffles me – there’s so much still to do in this game!!) so they’re looking to carry me and another guy through normals to get some gear before we have a crack at the heroics again. 

I think I did ok. My gear was still low so I was never going to be awesome, but I did outheal one of the other healers who was far more geared than me, so that made me feel quit good. 

It was nice to be in a group of people, chatting away while we kill things. I didn’t speak last night. Mostly because I was using mumble for the first time. It’s mot massively mac friendly so I thought my push to talk button wasn’t working the whole raid. It was only at the end that I realised it may very well have been working, I was just a moron. So maybe next raid I’ll talk. The nerving thing is – I’m most likely the only girl in the group (pretty sure I heard everyone else speak). So I’m a bit nervous about that. But they seem like decent guys – yeah there were a few butt jokes, but seriously who doesn’t like a good bum joke?! And there were times when conversations could have gone in to un-fun territory, but they were always brought back to a better place. People had digs at each other as people do, but nothing was malicious. It was just fun jokes between mates. 

Anyway, during the run last night (we got up to Siegecrafter before calling it a night) I managed to get: 

  • tier helm
  • tier shoulders
  • tier chest
  • tier gloves
  • shield
  • 2x trinkets (including one bis slot for this level)

Not a bad haul! (Though I did spend 7 bonus rolls getting a few pieces). I gemmed and enchanted everything last night, and will figure out which items I’ll upgrade tonight. 

I’m just very excited to be raiding again. I hope they keep me!

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