Things you’ll need:

  • Fraps – download Fraps for free HERE.  (Free-to-download Fraps allows for 30 seconds of filming and has a watermark at the top of all recordings and screenshots)
  • Photoshop CS4 or higher.  *in this tutorial I’m using Photoshop CS6 Extended

There’s literally no right or wrong way to make gifs, this is just what I find to be the easiest way for me.  It should also be noted that steps 5-12 can pretty much be applied to any and all other gifs and not just WoW, so long as Photoshop supports the type of video you’re trying to animate.

Read More

For those of you on Windows wanting to make WoW gifs.

(Anyone know a mac friendly free vid recorder so I can make pretty gifs, too?)


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