Sneaky RP/Transmog post of some characters! All are on Argent Dawn (EU)!

Skreel: Cantankerous corpse who is, essentially, the trollish manifestation of a clenched arsehole. Exiled from the Darkspear Tribe, he now resides within Stranglethorn Vale where he begrudgingly watches over Makiri— a disowned Gurubashi orphan. He’s currently hexxed, encased in rock, within the bowels of the jungle after Things Didn’t Quite Go To Plan

Crow: Itty-bitty undead with not-so-itty-bitty teeth. Enjoys long walks on the seaside, casual banter and the occasional homicide. She’s completely mute and communicates entirely through callous stares and abusive notes.

Tengu: Bitter Shado-Pan Blackguard who was raised by his beast of an aunt and her twenty-thousand children. Having succumbed to the Zandalari forces in Pandaria, he was dragged, in chains and manacles, to the city of Zul’Gurub where he’s served as a slave ever since.

Vasken: Overweight fishertroll with an affinity for failed relationships, scaled beasties and feesh. Ultimately died in the Jade Forest from shock and blood-loss after a most untimely amputation.

Snake: Vengeful witchdoctor who religiously follows the Loa of treachery, Damballa. Formerly known as Nemena, she meticulously faked her own death in order to destroy all family ties and the parental obligation to her sole daughter, Zeruja, after becoming estranged from the Horde— and society itself.


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