Monk tanking adventures

Well I’m finally home again.

After a few hiccups, I managed to get my access to the WoD beta working, but can’t actually connect to anything. Doesn’t seem to like me! Which is disappointing because I’m really keen to test out the resto shaman healing. I’ve been reading a few comments on the forums – a couple have said it’s quite boring. I wouldn’t be surprised. For me, the biggest disappointment is losing mobility. I hate the idea of just standing still and healing. I like to get in there, more around a bit – feel like I’m part of the fight. But we’ll see. Maybe it’s not so bad.

So instead, I fitted out my monk in some tank gear from the timeless isle and went in to the proving grounds for a bit of a laugh. I was levelling as a monk as part of the Loremaster achievement and quite enjoyed it, so decided I’d try max level monk tanking. I didn’t do too badly. It helped a LOT having my bf sitting beside me telling me how to actually play it (he’s a brilliant monk tank – taught me some very neat tricks!). In the end, I got through bronze and silver pretty quickly. Only took 3 attempts on silver to get it. Had one go at gold and laughed and decided I’d done enough. I may try again later. For now, I’m pretty happy that I got to silver. It means that if I do decide (for some crazy reason!) to tank in WoD I’ve met the requirements to do dungeons.

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