WoD beta testing- toy box!!

Toy box!

One of the things I’ve been looking forward to most of all in WoD is the promise of more bag space. They’re implementing a number of features, such as extra bank tabs, double void storage, and not having to carry quest items in your bags.

The other cool thing is the toy box (above). There are loads of fun things in the game that I’ve had to sacrifice in order to keep (yet another!) piece of transmog. Now they’ll all live in this sweet toy box! There’s 7 pages of stuff. Not sure how it works yet because it doesn’t seem to have added anything that I have (which is why everything is greyed out), but I’m assuming if you get a piece it will live in the toy box instead of your bags. 

I like that it shows what you can put in there, too – lets me know about other fun things in the game that I’m missing out on!

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