This was a lot of fun to do! Who knew one class could have so much variety :3 I might steal one of these for my own warlock!

[Top] Demonology

Helm – Dark Cover Hood
Shoulders – Shoulderpads of Dou Dou Chong
Chest – Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Felweave Raiment
Gloves – Balespider’s Handwraps
Belt – Belt of False Dignity
Boots – Apprentice Boots
Weapon – Staff of Infinite Mysteries

[Middle] Affliction

Helm – Felheart Horns
Shoulders – Ruthless Gladiator’s Felweave Amice
Chest – Hibernal Robe
Gloves -Ruthless Gladiator’s Felweave Handguards
Belt -Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy
Boots – Woolen Boots
Weapon – Terokk’s Shadowstaff

[Bottom] Destruction

Helm – Circle of Flame
Shoulders – Mantle of Closed Doors
Chest – Embrace of Madness
Bracers – Shimmering Bracers
Gloves – Informant’s Gloves
Belt – Sash of Mortal Desire
Boots – Kayser’s Boots of Precision
Weapon – Bloodfire Greatstaff


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