Be good to each other :)

Just had a very lovely moment in WoW that I wanted to share with you all (given there’s so much negativity going around at the moment, perhaps a nice story will help?)

I was hanging around on the timeless isle farming leather for my dailies. As I approached the area with all the sprites, I noticed someone was killing them for the Dandelion Frolicker pet. I also noticed the poor fellow was almost dead. Luckily I was in my healing gear, so I spam healed him up to full and stayed with him, healing him up as needed while he did his thing. When he was done I went on my way, thinking nothing of it. He then whispers me a “thanks bro!”.
I said “np! 😀 Any luck?”
him: “I got 2!”
me: “oh wow! that’s awesome! Grats, man! I’ve been farming that for ages and haven’t had any luck.I ended up buying one.”
him: “want one?”
me: “lol nah it’s all good. You should sell the other one!”
him: “it’s the least I can do”
me: “are you sure??”
him: “of course”

And then he traded me one of his little dandelion frolickers. 

It was such a nice and unexpected gesture – very kind indeed. I didn’t heal him because I thought I’d get anything out of it – I’ve just been in that position before (but died) and it was really disappointing. Thought a little help wouldn’t go astray. 

Anyway, I just had to share this nice story. Not everything that happens in WoW is negative. It’s true when they say that it’s the people you play with that make this game awesome. 

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