Challenge Modes

For the past two weeks some of us guildies got together and worked our way through the challenge mode dungeons. At some silly hour on Saturday night, we finished our last one! Gold wins for us all! Of course we immediately ran off to put on our new transmog set and get our phoenixes. We then spent far too long failing getting a decent screen shot – lots of laughing was to be had. But here are some pics!

Our little team in our new outfits! We have Zeirah as druid heals, Cinderstorm (me) as elemental shaman, Zugs as blood DK, Necrosion as destruction warlock, and Thorbat as survival hunter (who also happens to be my super-awesome bf). 

For those who don’t know, each of the challenge mode sets has a visual effect, just to make them a bit more super awesome. 

imageHere we are /roar – ing to show off our effects (unfortunately Z’s druid effect only works when casting – but she’s got SUPER awesome lightning going on with hers. It looks fantastic!) This shot caused a few giggles trying to time it right (DBM timer ftw!)

We then tried to get a shot of us all on our new phoenixes…

imageWe failed REALLY badly at that. By this point we were terribly hyperactive and laughing like made. Ahhh adrenaline! 🙂

Later on I discovered that my transmog’s visual effect would work while I was flying! 

imageHow completely awesome is that?!?!

imageLastly, a closeup of my Cinderstorm in her new set. Doesn’t she look fierce?!

So that’s it. I’m super proud of our little team. We worked really hard and did so well in the end. Very very happy. 🙂

We’re now figuring out which toons to do it on next. I’m thinking my paladin. 

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