Celestial Tournament, I’m coming for you!

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I can be pretty obsessive. (Shame I can’t be obsessive about eating right and exercising, but that’s for another time!) When I set my mind to something in WoW, I don’t stop until it’s done. It’s how I’ve got 9 max level toons, 4 legendary capes and stupid achievements (and why not having the Proven Healer title is driving me nutes!!). Once I’ve decided I want something, I go get it. Last week it was finishing the legendary cloak quests for my monk (4th toon to have this), and getting exalted with the August Celestials on my priest so that I could learn the Royal Satchel pattern because I have so much transmog on my shaman I’ve run out of bag space. 

This week, it’s the Celestial Tournament. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, but I’m completely hopeless at pet battles so dismissed it as something I’d never get to do. But the other day my bf was talking about how he was doing it so he could get the little Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen pet for his monk tank and I decided that I needed the Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji pet for my healers. 

Soooo cute!!!
image from https://petcharge.wordpress.com/category/celestial-tournament-2/

Getting this little guy is hard work. I’ve been using A Pet Batter’s Guide to: Defeating the Celestial Tournament from Wowhead and as the author of this spectacular guide has said:

Because this is “end game” content, player’s should not reasonably expect to waltz into the Raid [Tournament] with no knowledge of the Boss encounters [NPC Pet’s Abilities, Strengths/Weaknesses] and inadequate armour and weapons [non-diverse, minimal max-level collection, poor quality pets] and simply breeze through it on their first attempt.

The Celestial Tournament is intended to be a challenge; but above all else, it’s meant to be fun! 
So I got to work. I decided to go with the Original Pets list from the guide. I quickly realised, though, that while I had all the pets, they weren’t all rare quality. The Alternative/Replacement Pets list has been incredibly useful, and sure enough, most of the time if I didn’t have a rare of the original pet, I did have one of the alternatives. 
Then there were the breeds to worry about. I didn’t realise just how important the pet’s breeds were to their performance. I just thought it was a bit random. But now I know better. To help with this, my bf got me on to two add-ons that have made things infinitely easier:

I had to start a spread sheet to keep track of all the pets I was going to use, what breeds they were, their level and rarity. I needed to figure out which ones I was going to boost with battle stones because some pets just aren’t rare when you get them (e.g. Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling), and which ones I was going to boost because my patience with farming is very minimal (2x 310+ speed rare Nordrassil Wisp, I’m looking at you!!) Because I got both add-ons at the same time, I’m not sure which does what, but one of them has fantastic feature that will show you what a pet’s stats will be once it reaches 25 (and is rare). 

In the end I was only looking at having to farm 5 pets. Sheer bad luck with Alpine Foxlings (no rares at all, let alone the specific S/S breed that I needed) lead me to purchase an alternative pet from the Auction House – Moon Moon (got him for a great price, too!). 

Moon Moon!imageImage from Wowhead

The rest of the pets I had to get just took time and a bit of patience. It took me 4 hours to get a rare Lofty Libram, but thankfully only about 5 battles for the rare Brown Marmot I needed. And then after farming for a rare Nexus Whelpling for a good hour or so, I went and accidentally killed TWO rares in a row before I managed to snag a rare of my own. 

Don’t let his adorable-ness fool you – this guy is brutal!!
Image from Wowhead

Now that I have all the pets I need, I’m spending loads of time levelling them all. Whilst I had quite a few at 25 already, only about 4 or 5 of them were those needed for the Tournament. So I got to work. The really low level ones were levelled up a bit while I was farming the other pets. Once that was done, I headed to Pandaria to see the Pandaren Spirit Tamers and Pandaren Tamers, the idea being that I’d level pets quickly and also have the chance of getting some battle-stones in the process. 

I found a brilliant guide on Wowhead that has helped me get through this quickly (remember – I totally suck at pet battling!). Check out A Pet Battler’s Guide to: Defeating the Pandaren Battle Pet Dailies if you also struggle a bit with these. The guide is so so useful and has helped get quite a few of my pets to 25  pretty quickly. I managed to get a couple of battle stones over the two days I’ve been doing this, but got way more junk than anything else. 

So that’s where I am. I’ve got about 10 more pets to get to 25, and then I’ll be ready. Is anyone else working on the Tournament, too? And those who have already done this – any advice for a noob like me? 

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