Celestial Tournament part III – VICTORY!!

Pic from https://petcharge.wordpress.com/category/celestial-tournament-2/

Well, my stubbornness has paid off. Last night I finished levelling the last of my pets to 25, so off I went to try my hand at the Celestial Tournament. I was actually really nervous about it, but the WoWhead guide to defeating the Celestial Tournament is AMAZEBALLS and got me through. 

My lovely mage in her Challenge Mode set with Chi-Chi!

Xu-Fu was the most difficult pet, I found. Mostly because the strategy in the guide doesn’t allow for any misses. And my Darkmoon Zeppelin was naughty a few times and missed some shots, causing me to wipe and have to start the whole tournament from scratch. 

Chi-Chi was next most difficult. The first time I tried the strategy made no sense at all and my pets just died one after the other. I tried again a second time and realised I was out of sync. Figured it out, though, and got through it all. 

I was so excited to finally get my little Chi-Chi pet!


I think I’ll keep doing this each week to get the rest of the pets. They really are quite adorable. And after the amount of time I spent levelling them all, I really should do the rest. 

But right now, feeling pretty please with my efforts. 🙂

For those interested in the journey:

Celestial Tournament Part I
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