Challenge Modes – Paladin!

I got Challenge modes on my pally!! I’m really pleased with myself, because I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to heal Challenge Modes to gold. And yet, here I am! 

I love the paladin set. I particularly like the way is glows when I cast spells – looks really cool as a healer 😀

So here are some pics. 

1. My paladin in her new Challenge Mode set, with her lovely new pet Chi-Chi

2. Flying on her Emeral Phoenix (SO glad we get all 4 mounts in WoD!! It’s too hard choosing between them all). 

3. Even though she looks lovely on her new phoenix mount, I think the set looks brilliant on the Azure drake that dropped for me the other day!! 

4. Our little team that got it done. From L-R:
Klorithor – hunter, Anaesthestics – rogue, Tenkai – druid tank, Thorgasm – shaman, me! Cindelaera – holy paladin

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