Green fire

So yesterday I got it in my head that I’d get green fire on my warlock. Now let me preface this by saying that I SUCK at playing a warlock. I’m honestly beyond useless at it. I levelled her, took her in to an LFR and failed so badly I’ve only ever played her to do holiday dungeons to try for the mounts. So this was a pretty bold idea to have. It was also slightly problematic as she was on another server and Alliance, with no gold, and no-one to help. 

I’m sure you’re all starting to see how stubborn I am… so you won’t be surprised to know that I immediately went to my ally warlock and headed off to the Isle of Thunder. Or so I thought. Turns out the poor girl hadn’t even started the quests to get there, so I had to get through that first. Then there was the niggling issue of having to get the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion – a rare drop from the rare mobs that spawn on the Isle. That place was full of warlocks, obviously out to get the tomes themselves (either to use or sell). I stayed there for quite a few hours, suffering endless ganking and waiting for stupid mobs to spawn. In the end of I got so fed up I transferred her to my (now) main Horde server and just bought the darn thing. 😀

So then it came time to actually doing the quests themselves. I found the story quite interesting, and enjoyed travelling around for the bits and pieces required. It was interesting reading the story, too. 

On to the Black Temple scenario itself. I used Sparkuggz’s guide to getting green fire on a boosted warlock as my ilvl was only 496. It made things a bit challenging, but by no means impossible. 

The part he skipped over threw me a bit, though – I had to run around and loot a whole bunch of stuff in a short amount of time (like the thunder king treasure run) but I didn’t understand why. It seemed an odd things to do, tbh, and I didn’t want to do it. It didn’t really go with the story line. I’m guessing they just added it so people got the gold to pay for their repairs form the final boss fight! 😉 In the end, it didn’t take long to get to the last guy. 

So then came the last boss. I spent hours on this. Probably about 5 all up over 2 days. The first couple of hours were figuring out how to warlock and understanding the fight. The only thing I did differently to the video guide was to have a gateway up near the portal  to help me drop threat every now and again (great suggestion by my bf!) and that really did help, especially with keeping the doom guards off me. 

It was quite tense!! On the second round of felhunters I lost control of the pit lord and he came running for me – quickly managed to re-enslave him and got charge out before Cataclysm went off. Then the other doom guard came out, then more imps and I was done for. Thankfully I had souls toned, and me dying had dropped all threat, so I could smash out that last few hits on the boss. I was shaking like mad at this point, as I was sure I was going to die from the dots. But nope!

I handed in the final quest, clicked the dude and FLEW!! And now everything is green 😀

I’m pretty chuffed! Shame she has a rubbish transmog, though 😉 I’m pleased that I got this, and am really looking forward to the “of the Black Harvest” title that comes from getting this when WoD comes out. I am, however, slightly disappointed that I’ve been able to get this (which isn’t easy) on a toon that I never play, but can’t get the Proven Healer title on a   character I’ve healed on for most of the expansion. Makes me sad and really question whether I should be playing a healer at all. 

Anyway, that’s my green fire quest! 🙂

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