All of the pets (and a rare mount!)

So many pets for me this weekend! I’ve been so so lucky.

It started on Thursday with Argi:


Argi is Blizzard’s fundraiser pet this year. 100% of the money paid for him goes to the Red Cross to help the Ebola efforts in Africa. If you haven’t adopted him yet, please do! He can do rally weird tricks for you!


Saturday was spent doing pet battles in Draenor for the newly adjusted Draenic Pet Battler achievement, which would give me my level 3 Pet Menagerie in my garrison. Thankfully the number of battles was reduced to 150, so I spent a few hours with netflix running, hanging around clumps of pets in Frostfire Ridge just outside my garrison. 

While I was farming away, someone in guild linked me a pet – Hydraling. He looked pretty straightforward to get, so off I went and killed his mother to steal him. (God this game is awful sometimes!)

Anyway, he’s super cute, even with 3 heads!


Once I got back to Frostfire I really got stuck in to churning out the pet battles. Instead of healing up pets as they died, I’d use them all until they died then would swap in replacements (all the while levelling some of my lowbies). It was while I was skimming through my pets to see who would be next that I accidentally clicked something wrong, and happened to come across a link for the Pygmy Cow. He was greyed out, but I wanted him! SoI hovered over the icon to see where he came from and was immediately excited – he came from a level 3 Barn! On Friday night I had managed to complete the Filling the Ranks achievement that unlocked the level 3 War Mill, as well as unlocking the Level 3 Barn for completing the Master Trapper achievement – so I was set! Off to wowhead I went to see how to get this adorable little fella. Turns out, getting him wasn’t as straightforward as all that.

You see, the Glass of Warm Milk that he comes from generally spawns on the 2nd level of the Barn, and whilst there is a ladder to the 2nd level, for some insane reason (other than forced difficulty) the ladder is unclimbable. Research was telling me it was possible, and but this point I was well determined. So I set about running around my garrison to figure out a way to get in there. 

My Barn is positioned right next to my main Town Hall building. Someone had suggested you could climb on to the wall of the Town Hall building and use a glider to get across – that was not true. I then climbed up the tower with the Ashran portal, jumped across to the garrison wall and tried gliding from there, but it was just too far. 

Then I remembered that garrison buildings could be moved to new plots (along as the plot sizes were the same). So I swapped it over with my Lumber Mill so that the Barn was now beside the main entrance, and right next to a super high rock. It took me a while, but I figured out how to get to the top of that rock, and glided from there. I got SO close so many times, but ultimately I was far too uncoordinated to land on the 2nd level platform. So I looked for other alternatives. 

One of the comments I had read said that the spawn location of the glass would change over time, but that it was possible to force the location change by moving your garrison to different plots. In the end, this is what I did. Eventually the glass spawned on the lower floor and I Was able to get it without problem. (I’ll still try to get to the second level, because I REALLY want to see what’s in there!!)

SO! After all that trouble, this little fella was mine:


Late Saturday afternoon I finally managed to unlock my level 3 Pet Menagerie, but because I’d already done the daily for the day, the new one was not available to me. So this morning (Sunday morning) I went and did battle against Rukus and Brutus for the Big Bag of Pet Supplies reward from the daily. How surprised was I when out of this bag came the stunning Sunfire Kaliri

Look at how beautiful he is!


I’m changing my whole transmog tonight so we match. I think he’s absolutely beautiful. (I may have squeed when I saw him in my bags!)

In addition to all of this wonderful good luck with pets this weekend, I got super dooper lucky with a mount, too! I did a garrison invasion with a fellow guildie and my boyfriend. We got gold, which gave us 3 bags of loot as a reward. The first two contained gold and apexes crystals and the like, as did the third. But for me, the third bag (Invader’s Forgotten Treasure) also contained a Giant Coldsnout mount!!!!

Look at him!!


You should see his little legs while he runs – it will make your day. (If they ever fix the mac issues, I’ll make a gif so you can all have a happy making gif 🙂 )




It’s been a very lucky weekend for me 🙂 

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