Paragon World First Mythic Highmaul

Paragon have cleared Highmaul! I’ve been watching this race pretty closely.  It’s been fascinating. For the longest time Ascension, who are an Australian guild on the same server I’m on, were kicking butt and clearing things super fast. They got a lot of world first kills so should be super proud. 

A lot of guilds were stuck on 4/7 for the longest time – The Butcher proving to be the sticking point. Method got the first Butcher kill, with others following about half a day later, all sitting 6/7. Then there was nothing for almost a full day. Paragon were sitting on 5/7 for quite some time, which I was surprised about. But seeing why there seemed behind now makes sense – instead of banging their heads against the butcher, they had gone on to Imperator Mar’gok to get the world first kill on him. And then 4 ½ hours later downed Mythic Butcher for the world first mythic clear of Highmaul. 

Pretty awesome. 🙂 What’s also awesome is how supportive the other guilds are being. Method in particular are super gracious. Just reading through Method’s twitter feed, it really seems like they’re in this for the fun, and I like that. 

Anyway, congrats to Paragon!

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