I’ve been feeling a bit crap about things lately. It’s why I haven’t been posting on here all that much. I’m going through a “I completely suck at this game, why do I bother playing it” phase. Mostly it’s because of my raiding performance lately. It’s tough being a resto shaman sometimes. It’s not often you’ll see a resto shaman at the top of the healing charts (unlike when I was a holy pally), and even though I know being a good healer doesn’t mean always being at the top of the healing charts, it’s pretty demoralising to not be there very often. 

Sunday night was particularly bad, too, as the dps weren’t getting the dispels of the “man at arms” in the Thogar fight, so I was having to smash purge every 5 seconds to help out with that, and my heals plummeted. And I kept dying to stupid things on Oregorger which just made me mad at myself. Sometimes I just feel so rubbish that I wonder why I’m still there, and figure it’s because I have healing tide totem and that’s a nice CD to have so people will put up with me. 

It also doesn’t help the ego when you try to contribute to discussion on WoW discussion threads on Reddit and have people slam you for your thoughts and make you feel stupid. I won’t be posting on there again.

I’ve been trying to level my warlock to 100 instead of going to the alt runs our guild is doing. Everyone I step in there I just feel like rubbish about things. I just want to be good at something, you know? And at the moment I’m not feeling that. 

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