The 3 Lorewalkers

I have been running around Azeroth collecting music rolls for my garrison jukebox so that I could get the portable audiophone toy. (Which I did – but that’s another story.)

One of the easier rolls to get is the Music Roll: Song of Liu Lang which requires a wee bit of Lorewalkers rep to get. When I entered the room above Mogushan Palace I noticed there were three new pandaren standing there. Lorewalker HanLorewalker Fu and Lorewalker Shin. When you speak with them, you can ask them “Tell me of Greenstone Village”, and you can solo queue for the scenario of the same name. They will allow you to solo queue (or group queue if you want to do it with friends) for Mists of Pandaria scenarios, heroic scenarios and raid finder level raids. Pretty neat! I’m off to see if I can solo the scenarios for the achievement Scenaturday!

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