Blackhand is dead. I repeat, Blackhand is DEAD!! 

Tonight our guild FINALLY got down Heroic Blackhand. It took 94 pulls to get the guy down, but we got there in the end. In true Deadline tradition we got him down on our last attempt of the evening. I was shaking by the end. I can’t even write properly there’s too much adrenaline going on. So exciting! Only downside was no loot for me. I’ve not been having any luck at all with the bonus rolls. Haven’t once managed to roll any useful loot for myself in Blackrock Foundry. It’s been quite frustrating because we haven’t been getting healer trinkets. But I’m sure we’ll get some soon enough. 

BUT YAY!!!!!!! Ahead of the curve!! Savage hero!!! New titles! WOOOOO!!!!!

EDIT: OMG My lovely, beautiful, wonderful friend Zeriah gave me the healer trinket that dropped! Oh my goodness I’m overwhelmed, and so so grateful! It will replace a 670 trinket that has no spirit on it. zomg THANK YOU Z!!!!

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