Hey! I just wanted to know if you have/ever played a shaman? I just made one Horde side and he is a Resto Shaman and I just didn’t know the best way for leveling a Resto shaman?

Hey! I DO play a resto shaman 😀 But I never level as a healer. I always level and quest as Elemental. It’s faster (cos dps) and super fun (cos earthquake!). The only time I’ll switch to resto during levelling is if I’m going in to dungeons to level. (The faster dungeon queues are always nice, and the end goal for me is to raid as a healer.)

But if you’re not comfortable levelling as dps and switching to heals as needed, you CAN level as restoration shaman. It’s actually a lot better now because Blizz recently buffed damage done by lightning bolt and lava burst so they’ll do more damage. And best of all – they’re free when you’re in resto spec!

The rotation is mostly the same as elemental (which is why I tend to have elemental as my offspec to level/quest with – I don’t have to think much about what I’m doing!). Drop your searing totem, dot the target with flame shock, cast lava burst whenever it’s available (make sure you have an active flame shock dot on the target as this will make lava burst stronger!) and fill with lightening bolt in the meantime. That’s it! If you have multiple targets, you’ll want to throw in some chain lightning as well. And of course heal yourself whenever you need to in between. 

Just a suggestion, but you might want to use the Echo of the Elements talent while you’re levelling. It will give you an extra charge of lava burst which is nice – just a little extra dps.

Just remember that levelling as a healer is always going to be slower, and your spells won’t hit as hard, so be patient! But it is absolutely possible. Good luck! 🙂

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