Ironcinder’s challenge – 20-25

I played Ironcinder a little more today and got her to 25 (For those just tuning in, you can read about my stupid idea here.)

20-25 took me through the last of Darkshore and on to Ashenvale. It has been relatively smooth sailing, but I am taking things very slowly. Very slowly. I only play her when I’m wide awake and able to give her my full attention, which means this is going to take an awfully long time to get done.

Today’s highlights included naming my first pet. Night elf hunters start with a beautiful tiger called “Cat”. I felt she needed a proper name, and me being childish, I named her “Meowzers”. I think it suits her. Here she is being all stealthy:


While out near Blackfathom Deeps I cam across some hydras, and remembered hunters could now tame them! So Ironcinder got her second pet. And again, because I’m immature, he’s named “HailHydra” 😀


I had a close shave at Maestra’s Post in Ashenvale. It was one of those quests you have an entourage and there are way too many mobs and it’s all supposed to be ok. But of course Ironcinder is weak and struggles a bit. And silly pets like to pull too many mobs. AND silly me forgot I had Aspect of the Cheetah on, so while trying to run away she kept getting stunned. It was a close shave, and she had to rest for some time before heading off again.

She dinged 25 in Astranaar, and that’s where I’ll leave her for now. She can deal with all the fires a little later…

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