Cinder gets the cindermane charger!!

I’ve wanted this mount since the preview came out ages ago. When it didn’t appear in game I waited and I waited. Finally it shows up – as a recruit a friend mount. And my heart sank. I didn’t have any friends who wanted to play WoW, and I couldn’t justify starting up a second account and paying for 2 months of game time for the mount either. So I resigned myself to not getting it. 

And then the WoW token came out and changed everything. My boyfriend had a starter account just sitting around that he’d got during one of the Blizzard sales for $5, so I “recruited” him and he activated it. Between the two of us we got the in game gold together to pay for 2 months game time on it, and here we are – Cinder on a Cindermane mount! 

I think it’s a beautiful mount, and it really suits her. 🙂

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