IronMan attempt 2 – Cindermori

After Ironcinder’s tragic death last week, I decided to start a new character and have another go at the IronMan Challenge.

I have made another hunter, but this time she’s Draenei, and I already feel more confident about this attempt. She’s kick ass and hot all at once!

I’ve only completed the Draenei starting area once before as a paladin, and I found it to be pretty boring. This time around though it wasn’t as bad. Although I had so many issues with bag space! It was terribly annoying having to run back to a vendor to clear out bags and then make my way back where I was. There’s an awful lot of running around that needs to be done in this area. Thank goodness for autorun!

There’s also pretending to be a tree on a beach… I think her moth pet really makes it look totally legit. 😉

I’ve been powering through and Cindermori is now at level 20. She’s just finished off the quest line that rewards the Tabard of the Hand. If you haven’t done it, it’s worth doing the start area just for this. Whilst you get a tabard (which I actually quite like!) the best part is actually when all the NPCs in the area (and even some chickens!) line up and cheer for you because you’re so awesome. Definitely very good for the ego.

She’s still got a handful of quests to go in the area that need to be finished off before she moves on in to scarier parts of the world. But for now, she’s 20!

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