It’s elemental!

I’m still doing my trial with the new raid team.

This week seemed a bit rough – they had a few people missing, but thankfully were ok with pugging some people so we eventually got the 20 to do mythic. Then content that they normally get through quite quickly took longer than usual, so it was a bit rough. We also didn’t get through all the bosses to get to progression which was a bit disappointing. 3 hours of wiping on mythic Hans and Franz last night had me dreaming about brightly glowing patches under my feet all night.

As I’ve mentioned, this trial has me playing elemental shaman instead of restoration. I enjoy elemental shaman – it’s pretty straight forward and can be so much fun throwing out chain lightning all over the place. But I really miss healing. A lot more than I expected I would. My biggest problem playing ele is that as a healer, I had to stand in all the same places as everyone else, but it didn’t matter if I had my back to the boss – I can heal the people around me without actually facing them so positioning was never a problem. Now, it really really is. I know the most important thing is to try to stay alive, but surely right beside that is to face the damn boss so you can hit it with your magic smashing abilities!

It’s also a bit rough because, even though people say they don’t matter, I’m low on the meters. This is partly because I’m rubbish about facing the boss all the time whilst trying to run backwards. It’s also probably in part because ele shaman single target isn’t the greatest in the world. And then on top of that the totems issue is a pain (though I’m figuring out the best times to place them so they’ll actually hit the boss. Don’t get me wrong – I’m getting better. I was at the bottom last week and this week I’m a few up from the bottom. But it’s a bit demoralising at times to be so low. But I suppose at least I didn’t get stomped on, right?

Anyway, the point is that I miss healing. 😦

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