How to stop being crap?

Last night was raid night, and to be quite frank, it sucked.

It sucked for me and because of me – not really anyone else. We did have a few issues with some key people being away, but there were people able to fill the roles and whilst it slowed things down a little, that’s not why I had a bad night last night.

Last night I got to heal, because one of the main healers had to fill in as tank to replace someone who was away. I was really excited and nervous. The only mythic healing I’d had a chance to do was on Kromog on Sunday. I think I did alright that night – was usually pretty high up on the healing meters, didn’t die too often to stupid things. I thought I did ok, anyway. But last night, argh I was a disaster and it really got to me.

Part of the problem is that I’m doing these fights on mythic as a healer for the first time. In some ways I feel like I was learning them all over again – learning what’s new about the fights, things I didn’t know about before because dps didn’t have to worry about it or vice versa.

Then there’s not having actually healed with these guys before, I don’t know team dynamics. In my last team, getting to heal with Zeirah and trollmonk and others that I had healed with for awhile, you got used to what each other was doing. These guys are lovely, don’t get me wrong. It’s more about not being able to predict what other people are going to do and when they’re going to do it. They also like to call out for CDs during the fight. Most CDs are planned in advance and are in Angry Assignments, but there are other CDs that I have that aren’t allocated and I’m nervous about using them, so sometimes my CDs will sit there unused because I don’t want to be in a position where a CD is asked for and I don’t have it.

My gear is also specced for ele. There aren’t a lot of differences because it’s all int and haste is useful to both specs, but on ele the next best stat is multistrike and for resto multistrike is low on the priority list, with mastery taking the top priority. When I was geared for resto as main my mastery was almost at 100%. Last night it was under 80%. So I’m sure that didn’t help a lot.

But I just sucked, and all of these reasons feel more like excuses than explanations. I died to stupid things, my heals were low. I was just downright crap and nothing I did made anything better. I tried switching around talents to see if I could make a difference, but nothing did. And we wiped a lot last night. We only got Oregorger and Gruul down (I managed to get a cloak from each which should be an upgrade for each spec which is nice)

What do you do when you have nights like this? Do you just pass it off as a bad night and hope it will be better next time? Or do I just resign yourself to the fact that despite loving healing, I suck at it?

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