Cindelaera makes it to 100

Today my paladin dinged 100. So to celebrate I made her a lovely blue transmog.

I actually really like this set. The blue in the pants is lovely. She’s still got her MoP legendary cloak because RNG-sus is not kind. But I don’t mind. I love those cloaks and am happy to keep it for as long as I can.

I had a big derp moment, though. Once I had dinged, I went through to see what I could do about making a healing set. Almost all the levelling gear I had transferring over to healing quite nicely, so that worked out. I had a higher level of boots in my bags, so I popped those on, then set about transmogging everything to look nice. But the boots wouldn’t mog. I reset my UI, I cursed for awhile. I even went back and grabbed an older pair of boots and popped those on to see what would happen – the old boots would transmog, why not the ones I needed to wear?! And then it hit me – they were leather. I felt like such a moron. So I went off and bought a plate pair and had no problems transmogging those. What a silly fool I am! Had to laugh, though. 🙂

So that’s 4 toons to 100. I think my mage will be next. My pally and mage were my first 2 toons, and even though I said to myself I wouldn’t level them for ages, I really miss them. So I think the priest and hunter are just going to have to wait. We’ll see though. Might hold off levelling another toon until after 6.2 drops.

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