First week of 6.2

Fury of Hellfire (otherwise known as 6.2) has been out for a week now, and reactions (from what I’ve seen on twitter and heard in podcasts) seems to be a bit mixed, though most people seem happy with it.

Me personally, I freaking love it. But then I love most things about this game and don’t find myself bored much, so that’s not too much of a surprise. 🙂 I sent a long email to the ladies over at Girls Gone WoW podcast about my first week experience, and figured I’d share it here too, with a bit more detail.

So overall for me, 6.2 is fantastic. There is so much to do – there are daily quests (woo hoo!) and rares to kill and toys to find and ships to sink and dungeons to timewalk and fires to honour. It has been a stupidly busy week, but I’m loving it so far. Here’s a bit of “my week in WoW”:

I changed raiding teams…

and went back to being a healer in my previous guild. Turns out raiding with friends is far more important to me than getting progression. I also missed being a healer a lot more than I realised. I’m not the greatest healer in the world, but it is definitely what I prefer doing. And it really is lovely being in a guild and raiding with friends again. We just spend so much time laughing and generally having a great time. It’s great fun 🙂

Actually raiding in Hellfire Citadel

So far, this has been an AWESOME raid zone! I’ve really loved it. We did Gorefiend the other night and it was brilliantly gross. So much fun! We were going to go straight in to heroics, but like a lot of other guilds found it a bit tougher than initially expected, so we did normals instead, which I think worked out better because I think we would have been bashing our heads against a brick wall for a while on heroics if we had have stayed. This way we got some gear for our less-geared members and also had a sense of accomplishment with actually getting bosses down. I thought we actually did quite well all things considered. We have some people who have come back from breaks so are a bit geared, and we have a fill in tank. But we still got through a bit. What I liked best is that realistically we went in a bit blind – we hadn’t done as much research as we probably should have, so we had a few wipes to learn the fight, but we all figured it out together and got them down and I just really liked that. I’m proud of us 🙂

All of the world treasures!

I got my HandyNotes addon going again and have been running around collecting treasures and toys. There are some great ones out there – I really love the Jewel of the Hellfire and the Dazzling Rod (because who doesn’t love whipping out their dazzling rod?)

New pet toys!

I was surprisingly clever and had been saving up Pet tokens from the daily pet battles for quite awhile. I knew I had started doing this for a reason but completely forgot what it was, and was just doing the dailies out of habit. Then when 6.2 came out, I went to do my pet daily in my menagerie and saw someone new there. I clicked on her to see what she had to sell and it all became clear why I was collecting and saving the tokens – PET TOYS and new pets!!! And because I’d been a good girl and saved my tokens, I could buy just about everything on offer (just got 2 pets left to get which I’ll have in a couple of days). By far the best toy is the Magic Pet Mirror – this allows you to take on the appearance of your companion pet. It’s brilliant! If you’re in a group and someone has the Sky Mirror toy that can also turn in to you-as-your-pet. It’s a lot of fun. We had a bunch of Lil Tarecgosa’s flying around during our first HFC raid.

The Shipyard

I’ve built my shipyard and got it to level 2. Even though the run there and back is a bit of a pain, I really love having my own boats. (someone on twitter made an awesome suggestion that there should be a zipline from the garrison to the shipyard – I’d be ALL over that!!) Although I’ve noticed my peons are much lazier down there than usual!

I think I’ll probably do a whole post about the Shipyard, because I haven’t warmed to it yet. I like it, but I don’t think I’m doing it correctly. I don’t find it as intuitive as the normal garrison missions, so always feel like I’m doing the wrong thing. (Like constantly spending 500 garrison resources to change the abilities my ships have – I’m almost out of resources and my ships are barely levelling up!) Also, as someone who didn’t mind the short times on garrison missions, I find a 2 day wait for the ship missions far too long – especially when the rewards aren’t that great.

Timewalking dungeons

I did a bunch of timewalking dungeons. The first 3 were great – I had really lovely groups of people who were really kind and made the dungeons fun. The my luck ran out and I got stuck with a bunch of revolting groups – one with a tank that would afk after every single trash pull, and another who would pull too many mobs and wonder why I couldn’t heal anyone while I was being chain stunned. Someone in the group with the tank who would afk all the time was a smart ass after I politely asked if there was a reason the tank was taking so long between pulls. They said “If you’re in a hurry you can go then” so my bf and I did. With me being a healer that wouldn’t have helped them. But it was ridiculous! Argh. I just really don’t like dungeons.

But I got through them in the end and got my extra seal.

Mythic dungeons

I did two mythic dungeons with some guildies when they first came out. They’re… ok. Again, I’m not huge fan of dungeons, though I will say they are definitely a LOT better when you’re doing then with people you know and like. I think that if I went in and got useful gear out of them then I might feel a bit differently, or if they dropped a pet or toy or anything else that is useful to me given the gear isn’t. I do recommend them though, especially for alts!

Distracted dailies

I’ve been trying to get through all the dailies each day, but I’m easily distracted by treasure and toys and pretty scenery. I love exploring, so I’m a bit behind on the reputation grinds already for the flying. But I don’t mind – I’ve got some lovely screen shots out of it!


AND THEN it’s Midsummer! I wanted all of the pets and toys, so I sent 2 toons around to honour all the bonfires and collect enough burning blossoms for the Burning Defender’s Medallion and the Blazing Cindercrawler pet. I still need to send one more toon around to get enough for the Cozy bonfire toy and then I’m done. But those 2 toons took most of my Saturday so I’m not keen to do it again just yet! (Again, I get distracted easily so things take longer than they should!

So yes, a busy week. But loads of fun 🙂

How has your 6.2 experience been so far? Do you love it? Hate it?

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