Hellfire Citadel – go team, go!

So raiding has been going well. We’re currently 10/13 just on normals, but it’s been good fun. The people who need loot have been getting it, so we should be good to start heroics soon (potentially would be sooner if not for stupid State of Origin. Argh, sports!)

This pic is from the Socrethar fight. It’s SUCH A pretty room!! The fight itself isn’t on my list of favourites, but was still enjoyable. The trash afterwards though, well that was something else entirely.

Last night we also one shot Fel Lord Zakuun which we did not expect at all. Then we went on to Xhul’horac. We were going in pretty blind – only a couple of people had seen the video (myself not included – oops!), the rest of us just listened to what they had to say, looked at the dungeon journal and then just tried our best. We wiped a fair few times while we figured out what everything did. For example, I learned the hard way that if you drop a Void Surge on top of a Fel Surge you will explode in a spectacular fashion! On the plus side, it also cleared away a lot of fire, so at least I had that going for me. The fight itself is quite interesting but VERY chaotic, even on normal. So many adds all of the place, crap all over the floor and things dragging you around or making you run away from each other – AND there are no invisible walls around the edge of the room so you can fall to your doom if you run too far. But we persevered and we got it. It was a really great effort and I think everyone was quite chuffed afterwards. The fight itself was a lot of fun, but more than that it was brilliant having us all work together to figure it out.

I’ve haven’t taken nearly enough screen shots of the zone yet – will do that this week on our next run.

How are you guys finding Hellfire Citadel as a raid? Enjoying the fights?

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