Arcane adventures

I’ve felt quite guilty having not levelled my mage to 100 yet. She was my first character, and I do love her. But when the mage changes came in for WoD, my mage just didn’t feel like my mage anymore.

I tried levelling her first up after my main (my shaman) but she felt clunky and out of sorts. So I left her in her garrison at 91 and sent her followers off on XP missions every now and again and that was that.

Over the weekend I got talking about mages and the specs and what not, and I realised how much I missed playing my mage. So last night I decided to try again. I initially looked at frost – my go-to levelling spec. I immediately felt the disconnect again so decided to switch. Fire and I have never been friends – the procs would never come, despite always meeting the crit requirements. So that left Arcane.

I hadn’t looked at Arcane a lot for WoD, so I went over to IcyVeins to see what I needed to do, got all my spells set up and headed out in to the world. And I blew.things.up. It was pretty incredible actually. She’s quite strong in terms of damage. Still squishy, but boy can she explode the crap out of things! And I had a blast. I had a stupid moment where I was really low on health and trying to find somewhere to buy food. Only remembered about an hour later that I’m a mage and mages have mage food – duh!

I think I’ll keep levelling her. I miss my frost friend to help take some of the attention off my mage, but frost kinda sucked. And I’m happy with Arcane for now. Let the levelling adventures begin (again!)

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