Diablo adventures

This week I took a bit of time out from World of Warcraft and have been playing a little of Diablo III.

I was very fortunate to receive a lovely first from my boyfriend earlier this week – he surprised me with Diablo III! It’s just the base for now, to see if I would enjoy it. Suffice to say, I do, and will more than likely buy Reaper of Souls over the weekend.

I have actually played a little of Diablo III previously – I was home sick one day and my boyfriend suggested I might like to try it out for a wee bit. I played for a little while but stuff happened in WoW so I dropped it. 

So I set myself up with a wizard as that’s what I’d played last time and really enjoyed it. Of course she’s named Cinder, but it doesn’t quite suit her… I’m thinking I might change it (if possible). Her abilities are straight forward – single target spells, some freezing spells (to be able to stop everyone in place and get out of danger!) an awesomely fun wave knock back ability (which is my favourite!) Here she is being all awesome with a floating orb thing!

I’ve been playing very slowly, because I’d like to see the whole story. It’s enjoyable. I actually really enjoy having a solo player game that still has social aspects to it with the clan chat etc. I take a long time to do the quests – running around to all corners of the map. (I have this annoying habit of needing to reveal each area of the maps – they look like a scratch it and I have to reveal it all!!!)

I’m finding the story line very interesting. I also like that it’s presented in chunks. It means I have a good point each time to just stop for the night and come back later on without wondering where I’m up to.

Check out my wizard had! (just need a robe 😉 )

I mentioned before that there’s Clan chat. The clan works the same way as a Guild in WoW in that it’s just your mates, basically 🙂 Thankfully a bunch of my WoW guildies were already on Diablo and they added me to the Clan (named after our old Guild Master who doesn’t even log on to the game anymore! lol)

One of the things I really love about the Clan is the way it’s presented in game. You get to see mini-models of all our toons! I think it’s really great. I do wish they’d do that in WoW, too, though can understand that’s not necessarily practical. It is in nice, though 🙂

So my Wizard is currently level 20. Shortly before logging off the other night she got herself a legendary sword – it’s called Wildwood and I think it looks wonderful! Leaves drop from it every now and again, and it has a lovely green glow.

I’m really enjoying the game so far. I’m having a lot of fun just pottering around at my own pace doing my own thing. There’s no rush to get to maximum level which is a lovely change. I tend to feel rushed levelling in WoW because I need to get my toon ready for raiding, so I’m glad not to have that here.

So that’s my adventures so far in Diablo III. Anyone else playing Diablo III at the moment? Are you enjoying it?

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