Archimonde’s defeat

Last night, Archimonde met his fate. (In other words, we kicked his butt!)

Our poor little guild had not been having the best time with Archimonde. Our small numbers meant the fight was unnecessarily difficult for us to execute, leading to many frustrated evenings. Mechanics were followed relatively well, it just came down to not having enough people available to deal with all the mechanics being thrown at us. The healer/dps ratio was always a problem as well. But last night, with a bit of switching around and some new people, we got him down. 

Sure, it was on normal, and sure we were past halfway through the rest of the fights on heroic difficulty before getting him down on normal, but we finally did!

We have a lovely new holy paladin who has joined the team, who has fit in really well with our existing healer team. Due to still having small numbers last night, though, we had too many healers. So I ended up playing dps.

It was… interesting. I had only dps-ed the Helfire Assault fight before – everything else I had been a healer only. So it was a big shock to go in to this as dps. And then on top of that, I still had to call the fight. It was a bit rough to start off with. I had to be in a different mindset to dps the fight instead of healing it, so I was already struggling with that. To then have to call out the fight as well was incredibly difficult, and I feel bad because I do feel like I let the team down a lot. My raid leading wasn’t good, and my dps wasn’t good, so I was feeling a bit rubbish at the end. I definitely prefer raid leading as a healer!

Here’s a picture of me being all dead and stuff from getting his by a void star. Kinda pretty, even if I am dead:

Dead in Archimonde fight

But we got there in the end, and Archimonde fell. I got my first legendary ring upgrade that I was able to use to upgrade my healing ring which was fantastic. I did roll some loot – unfortunately it was a normal version of some useless gloves that I had actually managed to get from the heroic raid cache from the shipyard mission. So 2 pairs of useless gloves lol. Drew, our priest healer, got his staff that he was after, and the lovely Z got her class trinket, so heals are in a really great position I think.

Archimonde monument in my garrison

Defeating Archimonde also meant we got a new monument for our garrison. I now have my legendary ring monument, this one for killing Archimonde and the Apexis collecting one as the 3 up at the moment. I would like to get the pet battling one, but I am absolutely nowhere near that.

I’m really proud of our little team. It took us awhile, but we got there in the end. Now back to the heroics!

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