Calling it now – Legion for March 29/30

I was casually scrolling through the in game calendar this evening to see what the bonus events were each week. Then I got bored and just kept scrolling, when I noticed something strange. On Wednesday March 30 there was no bonus event. All other weeks had it, but not March 30. Which has to mean one thing – Legion will be released on that date!

See? No bonus event!
See? No bonus event!
It makes sense – the new expansions are always released mid-week.

Alright, alright, so they put the Draenor Dungeon bonus event on the wrong date (shows as Tuesday instead of Wednesday), but that’s clearly a cover up, right? A last minute addition to cover up the Legion release date!

So that’s my prediction – March 29/30 for Legion release. Mark your calendars (in the space where the bonus event should be 😉 )

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