It’s on the list!

Even though Legion is probably still quite some time away, many people are already in the end of expansion wind down. Some people are unsubbing temporarily, whilst others, like myself, are making a bucket list of things to get done before Legion comes out. (By the way, if you’re looking for ideas of things to do in WoW during the downtime, check out Girls Gone WoW’s latest podcast – they cover off a bunch of great stuff).

So! Here’s my bucket list of things to finish before Legion comes out:

  • Field Photographer achievement
    This one is pretty straight forward. My biggest issue though is that my geography is terrible! I don’t know where anything is in game, so I spend a lot of time looking things up. It makes for a very slow process, made even slower by the fact that I’d take the longest way to get places. It would be nice if there were an addon to assist with this. In lieu of that, I just need to sit down and do the research of where I need to take the selfies and make a plan.
    This ended up being a really lovely achievement to get. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was made so much easier by a guide someone put together on wowhead. Check out all the pics!
  • Full Discography achievement
    Draenor Pet Brawler achievement – all done!
    These two I’m a bit cross about. I’m doing them because I want to do them and am a completionist about some things. But I’m not happy with the rewards they give. In the case of Full Discography, you don’t even get a reward. However you do have a jukebox filled with lovely music from different parts of the game…. that I can’t use anywhere other than in my garrison.
    The issue I have with both of these achievements is that they give me things for my garrison, which after WoD I’m highly unlikely to go back to again. I’ll do them because I want to (though the pvp one is going to be a right drama), but I’m not overly thrilled about it.
  • Level an Alliance toon to 100
    All of my toons are Horde now, except for one lonely little DK back on my original server, Aman’Thul. So I have only experienced the Horde storyline, and have only had a Horde garrison (which is just really disappointing compared to the Alliance one). Before Legion starts I’d like to get my DK at least through the Shadowmoon Valley quests, though ideally to 100. And I want to have an Alliance garrison. To have real chairs in my garrison would be a real treat!
    All done! My Alliance Death Knight is now at 100 and has a stunning level 3 garrison and level 2 shipyard.

  • Master of the Seas achievement
    I am almost done with this achievement – I only need the Naval Bonus Expert component to have it. However of that achievement I still 5 bonus ship missions. And they just do not want to spawn for me, no matter how many times I clear the missions table. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t get this until right before Legion comes out!
    All done! Managed to get this one last night. You may now call me Captain Cinderstorm!

  • Charting a course achievement
    Again, this is one I’m almost finished with. I just need one more mission to have it completed. It’s still a frustrating achievement though, as not all rare ship missions count toward the overall achievement. Ahh bless RNG!
    All done!

  • What a Strange, Interdimensional Trip it’s been achievement
    The is one I’m regretting not having completed sooner, as it will only get more difficult to get this done as people leave the game. Unfortunately I still have a world boss to do this achievement with, and no-one is doing it anymore. I will have to try and convince my guild to help me with it, I think! But I really want the Pepe toy!
  • Get all my toons to 100
    On the Horde side I still have my Druid, Priest and Hunter to get to max level, and as I mentioned above on the Alliance side I have my DK. It will be a lot faster levelling these guys now that we have flying, as well as the Elixir of the Rapid Mind which grants 300% extra experience while you level.
    All done! My last toon to get to 100 was my hunter. In the end she levelled from about 98 to 100 with pet battles. Figured it made sense to multi-task my bucket list items!
  • Get the Graves pet from levelling in Heroes of the Storm
    I’ve read in quite a few places that the Graves pet is fantastic. Graves is an adorably ugly little pet that you get as a reward for reaching level 20 on a character in Heroes of the Storm. I actually really like Heroes of the Storm, but I am very bad at it. My favourite character is Li Li (forever the healer!!) But I’m not very fast and I’m not very good at playing with other people, so my levelling of her has slowed down quite a lot. I think I need to spend a solid weekend just levelling her in practice mode (which takes a LOT longer than if you play with other people). But I really do want this little pet! So I’ll do the grind soon.
  • Level all my pets to 25
    This one is going to take some time, though with the Pet Battle bonus weeks it should make things a lot easier (especially if I remember to wear my darn Safari Hat whilst doing it!) At the moment I have 537 unique pets, with only 69 at max level 25. So a fair way to go. But not entirely impossible. I’d like them all to be rare, too, but I think that might be asking for a bit too much…
  • An Awfully Big Adventure achievement
    I started working on this achievement a little while back but stopped when raiding picked up again. It’s definitely one I’d like to finish, because I think it’s quite cute. And it’s a nice challenge! There are a few guides out there to help with this, so again it’s just something I need to pre-plan to do. And entirely possible.
  • Finish getting all of the Celestial Tournament pets
    I spent a lot of time at the end of Mists of Pandaria collecting and levelling all the pets needed to get in to the Celestial Tournament. It took quite some time, but it was worth it – I got my gorgeous Chi-Chi pet, then got the Xu-Fu pet because he’s both adorable and a strong little pet to have. But I never went back for the last two pets. So I’d like to get both of those.
    All done! I now have all four Celestial Pets, and they are lovely.

  • Emperor Shaohao rep grind and mount
    I didn’t do this during Mists of Pandaria because the bloody coin farming groups annoyed me too much! Pvp with another faction is bad enough – pvp with your own faction is worse. Especially when you’d have the debuff and they’d still try to kill you! Hopefully with fewer people around this will be easier to grind out.
  • Endless healer proving grounds achievement – I DID IT!!!!!!!
    The is one of the few achievements that I really really want, and that I don’t think I’ll actually get. I have spent a lot of time working on this achievement in the past, both during Mists of Pandaria when it first came out, and a little during Warlords of Draenor. I haven’t been able to do it. I’ve been close a few times, getting to the mid-20’s for the waves, but have never achieved it. It’s an achievement that makes me sad not to have, and makes me feel “not good enough” as a healer. Sure it’s easier for some classes than others, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like I should be able to do it. Especially when other people seem to be able to get it so easily. But I will continue to try.

  • Sort out my screenshots folder
    Ok, this isn’t an in-game task I want to complete, but it will definitely make my WoW blogging easier! At the moment I have hundreds of screenshots just sitting in a folder, and when I want a picture I have to search my memory for a screen shot I think I might have that would be suitable, then try to remember when the screenshot was taken, and then search for the darn thing. I need to sort through them all and add tags so that I can make this process a bit quicker.

So that’s the list! I may add more things to it over time, but right now it’s quite a long list. Which is probably good if Legion is as far away as we think it is! 🙂

What’s on your bucket list?

4 responses to “It’s on the list!”

  1. Cymre Avatar

    Good luck getting all of these done. I didn’t really like playing with others in HotS either. I ended up playing a lot of AI matches and a few different heroes to see if there was one I really liked.

    There are also a lot of pet strategies out there so I’m sure you’ll find something that helps you get those remaining pets quick smart.


    1. Cinder Avatar

      Thanks! I’m taking advantage of the battle pet bonus this weekend and am just levelling up my priest toon and all my pets with it. Slow levelling for my toon, but am getting through a lot of my pets! 🙂


  2. Zeirah Avatar

    That’s a good list 🙂 You can definately kill a few birds with one stone there.. like the awfully big adventure and getting the pets at the tournament so yay multitasking.
    I will eventually get around to doing a blog post with my bucket list, I did try to get my 95dk closer to 100 last night as levelling all my non-100s to 100 is a sketchy idea in the back of my head but before I even dinged 96 I was over the levelling and that was with the garrison potion for 20% extra exp… I think I might have to rethink my idea of levelling all my alts in the name of my sanity.


    1. Cinder Avatar

      I’m trying out different ways of leveling my alts (also in the name of sanity!) I don’t mind getting to 100 so much, its everything after that bothers me.


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