Feel Good Friday! October 9

Feel Good Friday! is a weekly exercise to help bring some positivity in to the gaming community by sharing stories to make people smile. They may be heartwarming or funny stories, tales of your epic kills or something that you’ve found in game – anything that gives you some good vibes.

For this week’s Feel Good Friday! I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to a fabulous initiative on twitter – #WarcraftPositivity. It was created by Roxiqt and Nyn to get people sharing their positive Warcraft experiences. Roxi talks about creating it on her blog here and shares some of her top 10 (at the time!) Roxi also talks about #WarcraftPositivity as a guest on this episode of The Worgen’s Howl podcast (which is a new podcast to add to my listening list!).

I love going through and reading the positive messages from people! Here are a couple of recent favourites:





To share the love, tweet your positive Warcraft stories and just add #WarcraftPositivity.

If you have a story you’d like to share that made you feel good, share it below in the comments! Or drop me an email at [cinder (at) cindersays (dot) net] and I’ll feature it in a future Feel Good Friday post. It doesn’t have to be a World of Warcraft story – it can be from any game at all. And it doesn’t have to be long – it can be a short message if you like. Just something that brings some positivity back to the gaming community.

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