Feel Good Friday! October 16

Feel Good Friday! is a weekly exercise to help bring some positivity in to the gaming community by sharing stories to make people smile. They may be heartwarming or funny stories, tales of your epic kills or something that you’ve found in game – anything that gives you some good vibes.

I will admit, I need Feel Good Friday this week. As many of you are aware, Blizzard announced some new stuff coming in 6.2.3 and unfortunately a large – or rather, a very LOUD – portion of people on my twitter timeline are not finding anything positive to say about it. Which can be a total downer. Yes, there are things that are disappointing, but there’s also a lot to be excited about (which I’ve tried my best to articulate in an earlier post.) Unfortunately not a lot of people are talking about that.

ggw_logoWhich leads me to today writing this post and trying to find some good vibes in a sea of negativity. I got to thinking about the blogs I read and the podcasts I listen to and I felt good again. Because even when I feel rubbish, and even when there aren’t a lot of positive vibes out there, the ladies at Girls Gone WoW still make me laugh, and still find a way to find the good in what’s happening in WoW and the people who play it. So this post is dedicated to them.

Hosts EJ and Raven are beautiful human beings who make me laugh every.single.week without fail. They really value their listeners and engage with us all by sharing our stories and voicemail messages (no matter how sleepy we are when we record them!). They celebrate our triumphs and commiserate the low points. They talk about the WoW news and yes sometimes there are negative things to say, but they don’t dwell on them the way some other podcasts do. They find the positives and move on. Because this is a game we love, so why focus on the bad stuff?

Girls Gone WoW is celebrating their 200th episode in a couple of weeks! Which is very exciting for them. For their 200th episode EJ and Raven have asked listeners to send in questions for each to ask the other person. If you’d like to contribute a question for the show, get in touch with them. I’ve got a big list piled up in preparation. There may be zombies involved…

In the meantime, thank you EJ and Raven for being a ray of positivity for the Warcraft community. 🙂

If you have a story you’d like to share that made you feel good, share it below in the comments! Or drop me an email at [cinder (at) cindersays (dot) net] and I’ll feature it in a future Feel Good Friday post. It doesn’t have to be a World of Warcraft story – it can be from any game at all. And it doesn’t have to be long – it can be a short message if you like. Just something that brings some positivity back to the gaming community.

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